Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms

The speech pathology screening day  is designed for preschools and kindergarten classrooms to help with early detection of any specific communication difficulties and whether intervention may be required.

The screenings are individual and take approximately 20 – 25 minutes. Within these screenings the areas of expressive language, understanding of language, social language, speech sounds, stuttering and pre-literacy (when applicable) will be looked at. It is important to be aware, that screening results are not in any way a definitive diagnosis, and that if areas of concern are identified; further thorough and standardised assessment will be required.

Each child will be provided with an individualised summary report outlining their strengths and weaknesses and will also include any relevant recommendations. We will also liaise with Educators in how to best support each child.

Over the past few years this service has become a necessary and effective tool for many preschools and schools, who now book it as part of their yearly schedule.

If you are an Educator interested in this service, please contact Hills District Speech Therapy on 9899 7853 for more information. We will gladly arrange a meeting or send you an information kit and provide referees on request.