Hills District Speech Therapy is excited to offer support to high school students in completing their written assignments

About Assignment Group

The HDST Assignment Skills Group is designed for children in high school (Years 7-12) who require assistance with completing their assignments. It is appropriate for children with and without Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and provides a safe, small-group environment, for children to ask questions and work through assignments together. The group runs for 90 minutes on a weekly basis during the school term and provides the children with an opportunity to receive support with their own assignments.

What skills are addressed in our Assignment Group?

  • Understanding and breaking down an assignment task or essay question
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Using a to-do list
  • Understanding a marking criteria
  • Using reading comprehension strategies, including note-taking and summarising
  • Developing skills to research information effectively in order to answer a question
  • Understanding and deepening knowledge of vocabulary related to assignments and exams
  • Understanding their own individual strengths and weaknesses and how to advocate for further assistance if needed

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