At Hills District Speech Therapy, we recognise the importance of our clients being able to autonomously and actively participate in fulfilling their personal life goals, societal and occupational roles, and recreational needs.

This page provides our adult clients with information on NSW-based support groups, online & face-to-face services, events and opportunities.

Online Support

There are various forums and chat support services available. These are particularly beneficial to those who are unable to leave their home.

Stroke Foundation ‘EnableMe’ Online Forum

Australian Aphasia Association: Online Aphasia Group

Parkinson’s Foundation: PD Conversations (International)

SYNAPSE: Brain Injury Forum

Support Groups

Aphasia Groups

‘Aphasia Groups are an important way for people with aphasia and their families to connect with other people living with aphasia. Research into community aphasia groups has demonstrated that they can assist with adapting to changes in ability post stroke and acquired brain injury and can help people to find new and positive ways to live well with aphasia‘ (Aphasia Community, 2020). Aphasia Groups in NSW include:

Macquarie University Communication Group

Mondays: 2-3pm (on demand).

Contact: Nicola Black
Ph: 9850 2900 | Email:

MACQUARIE PARK: Aphasia Art Group

Fridays 10.30am – 12.30pm

Contact: Lillian Cochrane
Ph: 9850 2900 | Email:

Northern Sydney Aphasia Group

1st Monday of the month (11am – 1pm)

Contact: Don Mckinnon
Ph: 0408215440

FORESTVILLE: Forestville Stroke Recovery Group

Wednesdays 10am – 12pm

Contact: Ros Oliver
Ph: 0417 275 054 | Email:


Stroke Support Groups

‘There are stroke support groups across Australia, powered by stroke survivors, families and carers who want to see the benefits of peer support made available to as many people as possible.  Not every group is listed on our website, so if there is a stroke association in your state, it’s a good idea to check with them also. Stroke associations operate in some Australian states and can help you to connect with other stroke survivors, carers and family members’ (Stroke Foundation, 2020)

Western Sydney Aphasia Club

Where: Mt Druitt Hospital, Rehabilitation Hub
When: First Tuesday of the month, 1:30–3 pm
More Information: Click here

Hornsby Stroke Recovery Club

Where: Hornsby (contact organiser for details)
When: Fridays
from 10am – 12pm
More Information: Click here

There is also a dedicated hotline that can help stroke survivors and their families find the right support group. You can reach them by calling the StrokeLine on 1800 787 653 or emailing

Partnerships with local hospitals, disability centres and group homes

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