Are you a manager or business owner looking to ensure your team are protecting and safely projecting their voices in the work environment? Do you want to help your team prevent permanent voice damage and equip them with the tools to build vocal endurance?

What do we offer?

This practical hands-on (skills-based) workshop delivered by speech-language pathologists, will provide your staff with the information and tools required to protect and safely project their voices not only in the work environment but in their everyday lives.

This workshop is best suited to:

  • Swimming teachers
  • Coaches
  • Lecturers, Teachers and Educators
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Actors
  • Singers
  • Other professional voice users

Workshop Highlights

Dive into the anatomy of your voice and learn how to keep it in top condition for effective instruction.

Explore and confidently identify symptoms of unhealthy voice to help your staff get on top of their voice related issues.

Identify unhealthy vocal behaviours we engage with in our everyday lives and learn healthy alternatives.

Discover specialised strategies to protect the voice.

Engage in practical exercises designed to optimise vocal function and refine instruction style.

Associated handouts are provided to all participants including a voice plan your staff  can implement immediately into their everyday life.

Training Format

We offer two options to access our workshop:

  1. Face to Face – 60 minute workshop
  2. Virtual via ZOOM – 60 minute workshop

Costs & Bookings

For more information regarding costs and bookings, please contact us by calling 9054 1996 or emailing