At Hills District Speech Therapy, we offer our clients the opportunity to attend therapy sessions with another client of a similar age and presentation. This is called paired peer therapy.

Our paired peer therapy sessions are a stepping stone to larger groups (3-6 children). Your therapist may recommend your child attends a paired peer session/s before moving to a larger group. Skills can be practised and facilitated with more support in a more predictable environment with a suitable peer.

How do Paired Peer Therapy Sessions Work?

Deciding if Peer Therapy is right for your child

HDST offers 1:1, peer and group therapy sessions to our clients. You will work closely with your child’s therapist to determine if your child is suitable to attend a peer session based on their goals, behaviour and communication and social skills.

Finding a Suitable Peer

Your child’s therapist will communicate with the HDST team to determine if there is a  suitable peer that may also be interested in paired peer therapy. Your therapist will ensure that the children are matched appropriately, taking into consideration their age, skills and goals, as well as family preferences for session time and duration.

New Clients Interested in Peer Therapy

If your child has not attended therapy or been recently assessed by a speech pathologist, they are required to attend at least a 30 minute screening consultation. This will allow us to determine your child’s abilities and suitability for paired peer therapy sessions.

Commencing Paired Peer Therapy Sessions

Once your child has been paired, sessions are ready to commence! Your child’s therapist will conduct sessions on an agreed day and time with both children and meet with you and the other child’s parents at the end of each session to discuss their progress and home practice tasks.

Get in Contact with Us for More Information!

If you are interested in booking your child in for paired peer therapy, please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you soon! Otherwise, please feel free to send a more detailed enquiry to our email or call 9054 1996.

    *Offsite visits are subject to clinician availabilities and are only provided between 9am and 2pm, Mondays to Fridays.

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