HDST is excited to offer the this NEW group therapy service to our upper primary school aged clients!

About Social Gamers

This group was devised by HDST to support our upper primary students with social communication and language skills. A step up and on from our from Lego Group, the Social Gamers Group are specifically suited for children in Year 3- Year 6 to support social communication and connection, expressive and receptive language skills in a fun, inclusive and supportive environment.

We have devised the groups using neurodiverse affirming  principles to ensure individual learning and communication styles are explored and embraced.

We have utilised the Konfident Kidz – Konnect Series as our launchpad for exploring and discussing individual ways of communicating and  encouraging the children to build confidence and relationships using their diverse strengths and in a way that works for them.

Each session also involves a board game activity where children can continue to develop their communication skills and understanding and develop and build on language skills. Each child has the opportunity to take on a role during each game, such as instruction reader, scorer, mediator. They also need to collaborate and work together to set up the game and understand the rules and process. Within the game we explore themes such as winning and losing and the emotions that may surround those experiences.

"The Konnect series are the first activity books to help neurodiverse young people embrace and harness their individual ways of communicating. The activities allow children to find their own ways to express themselves, and learn more abut themselves and others. They support children to develop the skills to communicate what they think and how they feel in diverse ways. They encourage children to build confidence and relationships in a way that works with them, using their diverse strengths. It's so important to have materials created by neurodivergent members of the community, and Evaleen (author) has combined her experiences as an autistic person with her expertise in speech and drama to create truly unique and valuable resources."

Dr. Catherine CromptonNeuropsychologist

What else is included in our Social Gamers group sessions?

  • Encouraging self-advocacy and embracing communication differences
  • Using a similar  structure within each session which allows for predictability
    • Providing choice and control within these structures
  • Providing accommodations and supports such as
    • Spending time developing an understanding of each child’s unique needs and requirements
    • Sensory supports (which children can choose throughout the session)
    • Breaks as required
    • Visuals to support communication and executive function

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