‘Speech pathologists have an important role in contributing to the training of other health  professionals’ working with populations at risk of dysphagia (Speech Pathology Australia, 2012).

Why do we provide Staff Training?

According to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (2020), ‘training and knowledge about identifying and managing swallowing problems can minimise risks of serious health complications and improve a person’s mealtime-related quality of life’. Such training and knowledge is best provided early and regularly to staff working with individuals most at risk of experiencing swallowing difficulties, including aged care and disability service settings. This service forms part of the NDIS auditing process for providers including group homes, day services, aged care facilities and speech pathologists.

What do we offer?

Our Speech Pathology Adult Clinic provides bespoke in-services in a range of setting. Trainees will be provided with education and practical demonstrations on the following areas:

  • Understanding the role of Speech Pathologists in assessing and managing dysphagia (swallowing difficulties)
  • Identifying symptoms of dysphagia
  • Preparation of thickened liquids and texture modified diet consistent with the IDDSI framework.
  • Environmental adaptations
  • Postural strategies
  • Identifying potential risks associated with unsafe feeding practices and non-compliance with recommendations

Our approach to staff training is guided by Speech Pathology Australia’s Dysphagia Clinical Guidelines (2012) and directives from the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. 

‘Studies have found that aspiration pneumonia and choking were among the most common respiratory causes of death for people with disability in NSW, QLD and VIC’ (NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, 2020).

Why choose HDST for Staff Training? 

Our certified practicing speech pathologists are trained and experienced in providing staff training to providers in the Hills District working with persons with dysphagia. We work closely with health care coordinators and carers to design and deliver our training programs to ensure they are tailored to the needs of staff and their participants.

During training, we provide attendees with handouts and opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills with guidance from our therapists. All attendees will also receive a certificate of completion. Further to this, attendees will also have the added benefit of receiving education on identifying and understanding communication impairments that may also be present in populations they service.

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