At Hills district Speech Therapy we endeavour to provide quality, accessible services to the wider community. To ensure this high standard of care, we work closely with our clients and their families to select the most appropriate assessment and therapy schedule depending on their communication needs and individual circumstances. We encourage you call our intake team directly on 9054 1996 for more information on our booking process and fee structure.

What’s Included in the Fees?

The interactive visual to the right provides insight into what constitutes a paid standard session at HDST. This is only a summarised view of what happens before, during and after many sessions, and does not incorporate the additional upskilling, training and supervision meetings our therapists undertake to ensure that evidence-based practices and decisions are used each time a client receives a clinical service. Click on the buttons to learn more about each element of the therapy process!

Intervention is also supported with non face to face services. You can learn more about our non face to face services by clicking on this link!

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Clinicians are required to travel to clients receiving offsite services (i.e. home-based, preschool-based or school-based). This is often an additional cost atop of the standard onsite session fees.
The primary element of speech therapy – the face to face time you have with your therapist. This also includes time spent filling service agreements for NDIS funded clients.
Prior to each session, your therapist reviews progress/ data and sub-goals, and creates and prints tailored therapy materials (often with the help of our allied health assistants).
Our administration team send out a confirmation SMS prior to each session and log responses, as well as make and take calls for sessions and payments.
Our therapists work closely with the client’s larger support team (their educators/teachers, General Practitioner, Paediatrician, Psychologist, and/or other allied health professionals including Occupational Therapists). This communication is standard practice and includes calls and emails about goals and progress during the therapy block.
Our administration team liaise with client representatives, planners and/or NDIA for payments, record and track data, and identify and work to resolve any issues. Your therapist is required to create and store detailed treatment notes, analyse and record outcome measures for reviews, and when necessary email notes/resources to families.