We base our intervention on RESEARCH

Our speech therapists spend a great deal of time keeping up to speed with the latest research, training and methods in therapy so that we are all providing the highest level of care to our clients whilst always focusing on making it fun, rewarding, and family-centred for our paediatric clients and client-centred for our adult clients. It’s about bringing those elements together thoughtfully that leads to true success!

We ADVOCATE within the broader community

Our speech therapists achieve this by actively engaging with carers, teachers, educators and other health professionals. This is also why we offer onsite consultations and work hard to build relationships with community members who can assist our clients and their families. At the end of the day, it’s about the bigger picture!

We CONNECT with you

In any successful therapeutic relationship, the speech therapist, client and their family must become a team. We take a family centred approach –spending time building that connection with the client, finding what motivates them and listening to your needs as a family unit. Through this, we will understand your journey.