Speech Pathologists are recognised by Medicare as health care providers that can form part of a larger multidisciplinary team that manages clients with chronic and complex health needs.

All of our Speech Pathologists are registered medicare providers that are eligible to provide speech pathology services to clients with the following medicare rebates:

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan / Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan

Early Intervention Services for children with ASD/PDD –
(MBS Item 135)

Additional Assistance for people of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Descent

NEW: COVID-19 Telehealth MBS Items

How can I claim my medicare rebate?

Our clients are advised to make their claims directly through the Express Plus Medicare mobile application. This app can be downloaded for free through the Apple app store and Google Play. We do not have HICAPS available at our clinic. We recommend that you update your bank account details with Medicare prior to making a claim.