Written Language Task

Write a Letter to the Easter Bunny

This is a great chance for your child to work on their letter writing skills. You may need to assist them in writing their letter. If so, remind them to write under the following prompts:

  • Asking the Easter Bunny about how they are feeling and checking if they have found it tricky staying inside the last few weeks
  • Telling the Easter Bunny about how they are and what they have been up to the last few weeks
  • Telling the Easter Bunny what they would like and why OR sharing some cool experiences with the Easter Bunny
  • Signing off by telling the Easter Bunny how excited you are about their visit this Sunday!

Word Generation Task using 'Easter' sounds

Ask your child to think of as many word as they can beginning with the following sounds! Use the pictures to help get them started.

Clap the Beats!

Clap and count the syllables (beats) in each of the words below!

Expressive Language Task

Decorate and Describe your Easter Egg

This is a great activity to complete as either a colouring or craft task. Encourage your child to use a range of colours, shapes and patterns when decorating their egg/s. Use
this visual on describing using our senses to help your child better understand what adjectives they can use (e.g. I made a round, tasty, green and yellow egg!)

Oral Narrative Task

Create an Easter Themed Story!

Create an interesting story using the pictures above! Don’t forget to include some character names, a setting for your story, feelings the character’s experience, story action and a wrap up of your story with a nice message!

Shared Book Reading

Pick 'Easter' Themed Books to Read with Your Child

It is widely known that shared reading between parents and children promotes children’s language and literacy development. Why not pick some ‘easter’ themed books with your child from your bookshelf or from your local library.

For some ideas, check out this list from Readings!