Hills District Speech Therapy offers our paediatric and adult clients with the option of accessing our speech pathology services from the comfort of their own home.

About Home Visits

Home visits are a great option for parents and carers with busy work/life schedules and clients who are unable to travel to our Norwest clinic. The home environment serves as familiar, comforting space for clients and their families, and can often facilitate the speech therapy process. It is also provides your therapist with an opportunity to observe the client’s communication, swallowing and interaction skills in their own environment, and access to familiar resources that can be used during training or when prescribing home practice tasks.

Providing Home-Based Services that are Safe for Everyone

To ensure that all participants feel safe and comfortable when receiving supports, our staff will ensure that:

  • Clients and their carers can easily identify their speech pathologist through their badges. These badges provide the following details:
    • Clinician’s name
    • Clinician’s profession
    • Hills District Speech Therapy
  • Our speech pathologists work with the participant/client to ensure a safe support delivery environment.
  • For adult clients, at least two speech pathologists will attend the session.
  • Our speech pathologists complete a risk assessment for all new home visits.
  • Our speech pathologist will contact you to reschedule your session if they are developing/showing symptoms of an infection which may put the client at risk. Likewise, clients are advised to contact us as soon as possible if they or another person residing at the same premises is unwell.