Hills District Speech Therapy proudly offers their clients and the wider community access to a wide range of engaging and informative resources to support their decision making and the therapy process. We reserve the right to protect the ideas behind our approaches and resources and intend on keeping our clients, the wider community and profession better informed about our Intellectual Property.

The purpose of this policy is to provide our clients and their families/legal caregivers, individuals, and organisations that access our website and use our therapy materials with a framework for the acquisition, use, distribution and re-use of intellectual property (IP) and therapy materials provided by hills district speech therapy (HDST).

Intellectual Property

Our IP includes, but is not limited to, our logo, trademarks, copyrights, original content on our website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), flyers and brochures, content and infographics in our client information handouts (including ‘HDST FACT Bites’ and ‘HDST Information Sheet(s)’), workshop and in-service presentation slides and handouts, and all other resources labelled ‘Developed by Hills District Speech Therapy’. The above-mentioned content has been carefully developed for distribution to and use by HDST clients and their families, referrers, schools, preschools and the general community and is the sole and exclusive property of HDST.

Our clients and their representatives (i.e. Parents, legal guardians and carers) are permitted to access, and read the above-mentioned content for personal use only. This includes sharing flyers and brochures with families and friends for the purposes of building knowledge of our services, and assisting potential clients and families in making decisions regarding assessment and therapy. No other use, distribution, or re-use of our IP is authorised. Should you wish to use, distribute or re-use HDST generated content, we kindly ask that you contact our directors Alana and Yasemin via phone (9054 1996) or email (info@hdspeechtherapy.com.au) prior to doing so. Failure to do so may constitute an infringement of HDST’s intellectual property rights.

Therapy Materials

Therapy materials belonging to or provided by HDST includes home programs, homework, worksheets, photocopies from therapy books and program resources (with attribution provided where necessary), communication books, and personalised social stories.

Our clients and their representatives (i.e. Parents, legal guardians and carers) are permitted to access, read, keep and make a copy of therapy materials provided for personal use only. Electronic storage and distribution of therapy materials belonging to and provided by HDST is not authorised under any circumstances.