Hills District Speech Therapy is excited to offer an intensive holiday program for high school students wanting to develop their written expression skills.

About our Intensive Written Expression Group

This group is intended for high-school aged students who are experiencing difficulties with their written expression. They may or may not have a Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) or Dyslexia diagnosis. As children move into high school, they are expected to produce increasingly complex written text types. This group intends to teach the children foundational knowledge about the different text types and give them strategies to use in the classroom.

What skills are addressed?

  • The purpose of Informative, Imaginative and Persuasive Texts
  • The different forms of these texts (e.g. story, a movie, an information report, an essay)
  • Understanding and breaking down a question
  • Planning a response
  • Using scaffolds to produce different text types
  • Understanding the microstructure of a text type (e.g. particular grammatical elements typically used in a persuasive text)
  • Use of techniques (e.g. high modality words, rhetorical question)
  • Editing a text

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