Written Language Task

If I could travel to the moon...

This is a good opportunity for your child to work on their imaginative writing skills. Your child may require some help with forming some ideas before writing. The following prompts and suggestions can help them with this task.

  • What is the FIRST thing they would do once they land on the moon?
  • Who would they take with them to the moon? It could friends, family, pets, teachers. The options are endless.
  • What games would they play on the moon?

Science-Themes Word Generation Task using Consonant Sounds

Ask your child to think of as many word as they can beginning with the following sounds! Use the pictures to help get them started.

Clap the Beats!

Clap and count the syllables (beats) in each of the words below!

Expressive Language Task

Decorate and Describe your Planets

This is a great activity to complete as either a colouring or craft task. Encourage your child to use a range of colours, shapes and patterns when decorating their planets. Use this visual on describing using our senses to help your child better understand what adjectives they can use (e.g. I made a tiny, spotted, green and yellow planet!)

Oral Narrative Task

Create a Science Themed Story!

Have fun creating a story with the images above as inspirations. Give your characters some cool names as they explore their interesting surroundings. Make sure to talk about how your characters are feeling!

Shared Book Reading

Pick 'Science' Themed Books to Read with Your Child

Since shared reading is known to enhance a child’s language and literacy, reading a science related book for science week would be great activity. Since science is such a broad topic, you could pick books from a range of topics including: Space, Animals, Technology, The 4 seasons, and Living and Non-living objects.

For some ideas of Nature and Animal themed books, check out this list from Readings!

Also checkout Interactive Story Time at Parramatta Library for National Science Week 2020.