Hills District Speech Therapy offers a range of non face-to-face services that assist clients in experiencing continued therapeutic gains and quality of service.

Part of our commitment to delivering holistic, quality services, we recommend our clients and their caregivers incorporate regular allocated time for their speech pathologist to undertake non face-to-face services (previously referred to as ‘Indirect Consultations’). For NDIS funded clients, the provision and billing* of these services would be negotiated and agreed to in the client’s service agreement.

We offer non face-to-face services to private and NDIS funded clients in accordance with guidelines set by the NDIA. These services are available to support the provision of direct, face-to-face services. Non face-to-face services can include the following billable activities:

  • Long term goal revision
  • Tailored resource development including social story, therapy aid, and communication book development
  • Home practice resource and activity development
  • Collaboration with other professionals and other services via telecommunications
*The amount billed for these services is based on the time spent on delivering/creating the non face-to-face activities.

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To maintain a high standard of care and quality resource development, our indirect consultations are carried out as a collaboration between the client and their family, their speech pathologist, and our designated business development assistant. This collaboration ensures that we are able to develop tailored, quality materials for our clients to support their communication goals.

Extended Phone Calls & Emails

with teachers, allied health professionals, paediatricians, psychologists and support workers.

Social Stories

Click to download our free social story on starting high school.

Communication Book 

A fantastic resource to support communication whilst clients are receiving 1:1 therapy.

Home Programs

We can develop home programs to support clients during and between therapy blocks to ensure repeated practice and carry over of skills

Visual Schedules

We have access to a range of software programs necessary to develop quality personalised visual schedules for our clients.