Adults who experience communication deficits as a result of neurological conditions can often feel socially isolated as a result of their difficulties. Hills District Speech Therapy Adult Communication Groups seek to provide an environment where clients can achieve their communication aspirations while also meeting other people with a similar experience and journey.

Hills District Speech Therapy offers group therapy to clients of all ages, including adults who are experiencing aphasia, dysarthria, stuttering, apraxia or voice difficulties. The Adult Communication Group seeks to be an inclusive group for all adults, where clients can receive therapy in a format that supports their overall communication goals while also increasing their social engagement. Multiple studies have shown that group therapy is an evidence-based, effective way of generalising 1:1 treatment into everyday life and conversation.

Communication goals are established at the start of the group and these are then used to develop therapy activities and supports that are tailored to each client. The Life Participation Model is used to generate goals and consider each person’s aspirations individually. This goal reflects a functional approach to therapy, rather than focusing solely on the client’s impairment.

When Can I Join?

A client can join a group at any stage of their recovery, including from the onset of their disorder to after several years of individual therapy. It is also recommended that clients attend with a familiar carer, who can be taught a variety of strategies to better support their clients’ communication needs.

How Long Do Groups Run For?

Adult Communication Groups run for 10 week blocks throughout a school term.

Can I Use NDIS Funding?

NDIS Funding can be used to fund your group sessions at HDST.