Printable - Mixed Activity

Christmas Advent Calendar

Download our famous ‘HDST Christmas Advent Calendar‘! It’s now available in an OT edition, both jam packed with a range of tasks you can complete with your children throughout the month of December.

Speech Edition

OT Edition

Written Language Task

Dear Santa...

This is a great opportunity for your child to work on their written expression skills, more specifically, their ability to write a letter. Your child may require some help with planning their letter. The following prompts and suggestions can help them with this task.

  • Start by checking in with Santa – ask him about how he is feeling and if his reindeers and elves are helping him.
  • Help Santa pick the right gifts for you – use some describing words when talking about the things you like. For example, instead of saying ‘I would like a bike’, you can say ‘I would like a green and black bike with training wheels’
  • Think about telling Santa what you’re grateful for too!

PARENTS/CAREGIVERS: Click here to download a fillable reply from Santa that you can print and deliver to your child!


Christmas-Themed Word Generation Task

Ask your child to think of as many words as they can beginning with the following sounds! Use the pictures to help get them started.

Expressive & Receptive Language

Expressive Language Task

Ask your child to watch the short video. This is a sneak peak of what some families might do during Christmas. After showing them the video, ask them the following questions:
– What were the children doing?
– Where are they?
– When do you think they are decorating the tree?
– What do you think they will do next?
– Have you done something like this? Tell me about it!
– What are some other things they can do before Santa comes to visit?

Expressive Language Task

Describe the Secret Baubles

This is a great barrier game for siblings and their parents to participate in. In this activity, your child is required to hide the picture and only use words to describe each bauble. With this information, their partner needs to draw each bauble using these descriptions. You can also take turns – a great way to also work on building your child’s skills in understanding and following instructions.

Encourage your child to use a range of describing words when talking about each bauble. Use this visual on describing using our senses to help your child better understand what adjectives they can use (e.g. ‘Draw a round bauble with green and white stripes‘)

Oral Narrative Task

Create a Christmas Themed Story!

Have fun creating a story with the images above as inspirations. Give your characters some cool names as they journey through the snowy lands of the North Pole. Make sure to talk about how your characters are feeling!

Shared Book Reading

Pick Books for the 'Holiday Season' to Read with Your Child

Since shared reading is known to enhance a child’s language and literacy, reading books associated with the holiday season would be great activity. You can learn more about the benefits of shared book reading on our blog!

For some ideas of holiday themed books, check out this list from Scholastic!